History of the Simcha Brand



The business was first started by a loving and warming couple, Antoinne and Antoinette McKinney, under the name Simcha Photography and Videography. They began using their photography and video recording interest to support their church by capturing worship services, ministry events, baptisms, and weddings. Over time, with several referrals, they received opportunities to offer their services to people, local businesses and organizations in the Greater Cleveland area.​


Recently in 2014, the business was acquired by McKinney Development Enterprises Inc. as a service brand to allow for a greater expansion to offer more services including website development, graphics design, and brand development. The McKinney's believe that the evolution of their business, under Simcha Media, will allow them to reach a more dynamic market. Simcha Media will continue to provide affordable and quality services to small and medium-size businesses that are seeking to define their image in their industry.


*Services will remain available to families and individuals.