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Catering & Event Planning by Nicole

A sole proprietor chef that cares for the people in her community. We assisted with the brand development for this client providing design services that included website, business card template, logo, social media, and marketing campaign material.



Young A.D.U.L.T.S. Inc.

This organization has established a strong interest and investment in the lives of hundreds of young people around the world by engaging with them through social media.


We helped the organization re-establish marketing communication strategies to reach their audiences and redesigned a new website to a more functional and modern design.


Check out Young A.D.U.L.T.S. Inc.

Michael B Hobbs & Associates, LLC.

A partnership of engineers and architects joining to serve markets in Ohio and Pennsylvania offering excellent architectural, engineering, and project management services.


We are currently servicing the Northeast Ohio region, and are open to offer services in other regions fit for the opportunity.

Call/Text: (216) 393-7321


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